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Land Development ProfessionalsSpecial Land Use Permits (Rezoning)

If you own (or plan to buy) a piece of property, and you wish to use the land for a purpose other than its zoning restrictions allow, you’ll need to obtain a special land use permit from the local jurisdiction, which is essentially a rezoning process. LDP has many years of experience conducting special land use surveys that meet or exceed the requirements of local authorities.

RezoningWhy You Need a Special Land Use Permit Survey

Land that is zoned commercially or residential typically has certain restrictions as to what type of structure may be built on the property. Anytime a property owner wants to use the land for a purpose that falls outside these permitted uses, the local government will almost always require a special survey before they will grant a zoning variance. This may entail more than just rezoning residential land for commercial use, or vice versa, because there are many types of facilities that may not fall easily under either commercial or residential zoning definitions. For example, depending on the local zoning regulations, if you desire to use your land for a hospital, school, cemetery, funeral home, church or other purpose that doesn’t easily classify as commercial, you may need a special land use permit.


What to Expect With a Commercial Boundary Survey

LDP will conduct a survey that meets the local governments’ requirements for the rezoning process. Common details shown on this survey may include:

  • Adjoining property owners and their zoning classifications
  • Square footage of dwellings and/or other buildings
  • Heated floor space
  • Parking spaces
  • Setback lines and right-of-way information

For more information about surveys for special land use permits, contact LDP today.

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