Boundary Surveys

Land Development ProfessionalsBoundary SurveySimilar to a residential boundary survey, a boundary survey meets the minimum standard requirements for surveys in the state of Georgia and North Carolina, and it is the type of survey most lenders require as part of the loan approval process. LDP conducts thorough and accurate boundary surveys for land owners who are buying, selling or developing commercial property.

When do You Need a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey should be obtained in the following situations:

  • If you’re buying or selling commercial or residential property, (may be required by the lender)
  • If clarity is needed as to the legal description and boundaries of your property
  • If you’re planning to develop commercially zoned property
  • As a requirement for permits
  • If there is no current plat on file, or if the plat on file is more than a few years old (older plats may be inaccurate or fail to reflect recent zoning changes)

What to Expect With a Boundary Survey

LDP will conduct a thorough on-site analysis of your property, and will use this data to draw up a plat illustrating your property lines, bearings and distances, total acreage, and any existing improvements to the property. If any encroachments exist on either side of the boundary, the survey will show these as well. While on site, the surveyors will also flag property corners and reset any missing pins to ensure your property lines are clear and visible.

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