Land Development ProfessionalsHydro 2Changes to your existing or proposed conditions can significantly impact stormwater management, one of the most heavily regulated aspects of land development. LDP specializes in hydrological surveys which studies the natural and built environment, as well as future development. LDP’s services can include mapping of drainage channels and other watercourses to allow the preparation of flood risk assessments for ecological planning. LDP’s hydrologic survey work also includes:

  • Flow data
  • Analysis and interpretation of hydrology data
  • Subcatchment data, slopes, existing conditions
  • Determine Time of Concentration based on slope & hydraulic length utilizing TR-55 and SCS site specific
  • Mapping soil types for design parameters
  • Calculating Curve Numbers based on soil types and permeable/impermeable surfaces.
  • Inflow/outflow hydrographs
  • Produce graphics and reports for permitting purposes

HydroUsing hydrological Surveys, we specialize in creative designing site specific to save the developer infrastructure costs by utilizing lesser known stormwater management controls, such as vegetated water ways and bioretention.  This, in effect, minimizes the use of traditional storm water piping and storage, decreasing stormwater pollutants and detention sizing.  We have a proven track record of EPD approval of ‘out of the box’ designing, benefiting both the developer and the project site environment.

We utilize the latest technology and design criteria to save the developer time and money. Contact LDP today for your Stormwater and Hydrology Planning needs!


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