Land Development ProfessionalsLot ConsolidationIf you own two or more adjacent parcels of land that you wish to combine into one parcel, you will need an experienced surveyor to draw up a lot consolidation plat. With over six decades of proven experience, LDP provides these plats with guaranteed accuracy, both to satisfy the requirements of local jurisdictions and for your protection as a property owner.

When is a Lot Consolidation Plat Needed?

Here are a few common examples of why you as a property owner might want or need a lot consolidation plat:

  • If you are purchasing an adjacent vacant lot for the purpose of expanding your property line
  • If you own several parcels of land together, and you want to develop your land as a larger entity (for example, a campground or resort area)
  • If you want to sell your land for commercial development (provided the land is appropriately zoned)

The Process of Lot Consolidation

Most local zoning authorities make lot consolidation a reasonably simple matter. A professional surveyor will do the fieldwork on the current lots, then draw up a plat that accurately shows the existing lots and the dimensions of the new plot of land. It’s essential for both you and for the governing authorities that this plat be completely accurate to avoid complications later. This is especially true if you are in the process of purchasing multiple parcels of land for the purpose of consolidation, so that you do not purchase too much land or too little.

While some local governments allow lot consolidation with a simple letter of intent, it is always in your best interests to have your land professionally platted by a trusted surveying company. For more information on lot consolidation plats, contact LDP today.

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