Grading Plan for Permit

Land Development ProfessionalsA grading plan is prepared as part of the permitting process. It is important that the runoff from each lot is directed to a stable outlet rather than to an adjacent lot.

A grading plan (sometimes called a sediment and erosion control plan) is required as part of the permitting process for builders. LDP has many years of experience in creating accurate grading plans to meet the requirements of local authorities.

Why A Grading Plan is Required

Grading Plan 2Under the terms of the Georgia Sediment and Erosion Control Act of 1975, certification is required for anyone (including builders) who engage in land disturbing activities, to prevent water runoff and drainage from causing unintended consequences. Erosion and sediment control are administered by local jurisdictions, each of which has specific requirements for issuing the proper permits. It is important that the runoff from any parcel of land is directed to a stable outlet rather than to an adjacent lot. Hiring a licensed surveyor to create a grading plan is the best way to ensure that the proper parameters are met, and to ensure that your building project will not create unacceptable runoff conditions.

What is Involved With a Grading Plan For Permitting

Grading PlanA grading plan is designed to provide more suitable topography for lots in order to control surface runoff, minimize soil erosion and sedimentation, both during and after construction. LDP will evaluate the topography of the lot, and the resulting plan will define areas that must not be disrupted by grading and filling. It will also show the measures builders need to take in order to prevent damage to these areas.

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