Foundation PlanLand Development ProfessionalsBefore concrete forms are constructed on a building project, it’s of critical importance to make sure the footer boxes are correctly positioned. LDP can perform an on-site box check survey to compare the footers with the drawn plans, helping builders prevent potentially costly errors down the road.

Why You May Need a Box Check Survey

During the excavation and grading process of preparing a land for building, the building corner stakes are frequently disturbed. This is just one of many possible sources of error that may cause concrete forms to be constructed in the wrong location. Once the concrete is poured into these forms, it can be very costly to reverse and repair. LDP can verify the correct location of footer boxes, making sure they are set in the right place before the concrete is poured into them. This is especially important when building on a tight lot where the margin of error is much smaller, and where inches can make a huge difference.

When Should You Have a Box Check Survey Completed

A box check survey is recommended as an additional precaution in the following circumstances:

  • When the corner stakes have been noticeably disturbed during grading and/or excavation
  • When building on a small lot where inches matter
  • Any other time there is uncertainty as to whether the footer boxes are correctly placed.

For more information about obtaining an accurate box check survey for your building project, contact LDP today.

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