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Property Line StakingFor situations in which you need to visualize the actual boundary line of your property, LDP offers thorough and accurate property line staking services. This is particularly helpful and even necessary if you need clarity on where you build a structure near the edge of your property, and can prevent potentially expensive encroachment issues with your neighbors later on. It can also help to clarify vague or inaccurate legal descriptions and resolve disputes with the neighbors as to where your boundaries are.

When is Property Line Staking Needed?

Property line staking is helpful anytime you need a visual marker of your property boundaries, but especially in the following circumstances:

  • If you are planning to place a structure or perform landscaping near the edge of your property
  • If you are planning to fence in a portion of your property and need to make sure the fence is in the right place (your local governing authorities may also have stipulations on how close to your property line the fence may sit)
  • If you suspect your neighbor is encroaching on your land with landscaping or a structure
  • If you need to determine who owns a pre-existing object on/near the property line (e.g., a tree or hedge)
  • If questions are raised as to the accuracy of your property’s legal description (for example, when attempting to buy or sell)
  • If it is otherwise difficult to tell where your property boundaries lie (for example, in hilly or wooded areas for larger plots of land)

The Process of Property Line Staking

Because this is a tangible survey with visual results, no survey map or plans are provided with property line staking. Rather, LDP verifies the property line measurements against the recorded deed, then marks your property line with wooden stakes placed 50 feet apart (or closer or farther, as you require). We also mark all property corners and set any corners that are missing. For less detailed alternatives to property line staking, we can mark corners only or perform a basic residential boundary survey.

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