Land Development ProfessionalsHouse StakingFor more clarity to ensure that a proposed singular structure will be correctly positioned on a piece of property, LDP can provide simple house corner staking. This service is automatically included in the fee for site plans we complete, but if only house corner staking is needed, this work may be quoted independently.

What is Involved With House Corner Staking

Corner staking involves setting wooden stakes at the corners of a proposed structure, to show the builders exactly where on the property the building is to be built. For simpler structures, this may be accomplished by marking only the major corners, but for greater detail, the surveyor can place stakes at every turn in the foundation. Offset stakes may also be set to help locate corners whose previously set stakes were disturbed during the grading process.

When Do You Need House Corner Staking

House corner staking is advised in the following situations:

  • As a standard part of the site planning process prior to construction
  • To clarify boundaries for one or more proposed buildings on a piece of property
  • If construction staking was completed, but grading or other circumstances have disturbed existing corner markers

When building any structure on a piece of land, it’s imperative that the positioning of the corners be accurate to prevent any complications down the road. If the proposed location of a building is at all unclear, corner staking can ensure an accurate build. For more information about house corner staking for your building project, contact LDP today.

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