Foundation Survey

Land Development ProfessionalsFoundation 2After the foundation walls are poured for a structure being built, LDP can conduct a foundation survey to measure its dimensions, location and elevation to ensure that it has been poured within specifications before the builder resumes the construction process.

What is Involved With a Foundation Survey

Unlike more comprehensive surveys, a foundation survey focuses simply on the foundation of a structure, providing an effective “snapshot” of the foundation as of a certain date. A surveyor from LDP will come on property (usually at the builder or lender’s request) to document this critical stage of construction. The survey will plot the location and dimensions relative to property lines, and/or in comparison with previous site plans or plats. Elevation readings may also be taken throughout the foundation to identify any high or low points, serving as a baseline measurement.

When is a Foundation Survey Recommended

FoundationWhile foundation surveys are typically ordered by builders or lenders during construction, this survey can be helpful for any of the following reasons:

  • To verify a correctly poured foundation before the builder resumes construction
  • To verify that the foundation has been poured in the right place
  • To verify that there are no elevation issues or other discrepancies with the foundation
  • To serve as a baseline to track future settling of the foundation
  • To measure the current state of an existing structure’s foundation against a previous foundation survey, to identify potential issues

For more information about obtaining a foundation survey for your building project, contact LDP today.

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